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Hypnosis Myths






People coming for a hypnosis session, might have some questions about what hypnosis really is. Let's review the myths and facts about hypnosis:


  • Hypnosis is falling asleep.
  • Hypnosis removes the voluntary control of a person.
  • The hypnotist needs a special power.
  • A hypnotized person may not wake up.
  • It only works on mentally weak people.
  • People may reveal their secrets.
  • People may look like fools.
  • People can be abused.
  • People will not remember anything after the session.


  • Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. People are awaken and alert.
  • People are always in control while they are in a trance.
  • The hypnotist needs the collaboration of the client in order to by hypnotized.
  • No one stays in a trance. People are not asleep.
  • It works better on smart people that can visualize or imagine easily.
  • People are in complete control during a session.
  • What we practice is not stage hypnosis. No one will feel or act like a fool.
  • People in a trance are not under the control of the hypnotist.
  • It is normal to remember everything once we come out of a trance.