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About Practitioners

The practitioner directory contains the names of people who have taken either my life or live-online class, and decided to be listed in it. Some of them already practice other techniques or have been practicing Introspective Hypnosis for a while now.

There are also those who are just starting to get the experience they need in this field, and for thar reason, they might have decided to offer free practice sessions. Please keep in mind that there might also be experience practitioners offering free sessions. Feel free to ask them for the reason why they are offering such type of sessions.

The purpose of this directory is to allow clients find practitioners who practice Introspective Hypnosis and for practitioners to find clients. This is also true for new practitioners offering free sessions to get the experience they need.

Also, keep in mind that, since practitioners practice other techniques, they might use other tools they have learned already. Each practitioner has their own style and each session is different.