LIVE - Seven-Day Introspective Hypnosis Course / Retreat - Marriottsville, MD - Alba Weinman & Antonio Sangio APR 2024

LIVE - Seven-Day Introspective Hypnosis Course / Retreat - Marriottsville, MD -  Alba Weinman & Antonio Sangio APR 2024
What is included?
• Lodging – private room featuring one queen bed (towels and linens included) and a private bath and Internet access and hairdryers (no TV’s or phones) - check-in time is 4:00 p.m., check-out time is 11:00 a.m. – luggage storage is available
Day 1
• Dinner buffet (arrival night) served at 6pm (an entrée, side dish, vegetable, salad bar, fresh fruit, dessert and beverages)
Day 2- 6
o Hot breakfast buffet served at 8am (entrée, fresh fruit, yogurt, assorted juices and beverages)
o Lunch buffet served at noon (an entrée, side dish, vegetable, deli selection, fresh fruit, salad bar, dessert and beverages)
o Dinner buffet served at 6pm (entrée, side dish, vegetable, fresh fruit, salad bar and beverages) upgraded menu items available at additional cost.
Day 7
• Hot breakfast buffet served at 8am and lunch buffet served at noon

*** Hospitality Rooms available through the day that includes, bowl of fresh fruit, coffee, tea, water cooler.
Course Details

• Introduction
• Brief history of hypnosis
• Understanding the human brain and mind
    o Brain hemispheres
    o States of the mind
• Introspective Hypnosis
    o Techniques in includes
    o Other tools used
    o The structure of an IH session
• The interview
    o The purpose of the interview
    o Building rapport with our clients
    o How to input suggestions
    o Key points to remember during the interview
    o The form
    o Information we should get from the client.
    o Phrases and mandates
    o Detecting patterns

• The interview
    o Sample interviews
    o Practice
• The pre-hypnotic talk
• Inductions
    o The conscious and subconscious mind
    o Types of inductions
    o Level 1 inductions
    o Level 2 inductions
    o Level 3 inductions
• Suggestibility tests
• The hypnotic language

• Navigating memories
• Perception and traumas
• Understanding how memories are recorded in the mind
• Addressing client’s resistance during a session
• Role change
• Communication with deceased loved ones

• How to use stories and metaphors
• Fragmentation and recovery of the soul
• How to deal with rape and molestation
• Regression to the womb
• Forgiveness therapy
• Practice

• Finding the root cause of psychosomatic symptoms
• Understanding time
• Soul entrapment
• Past life regression
    o How to navigate it
    o Asking the right questions
    o Situations we might encounter
    o How to evaluate a past life
• Working with lost souls
    o Types of lost souls
    o How to detect them
    o Helping them go to the light
    o Reasons for the attachments
    o Symptoms they can cause
    o People susceptible to attachments
    o Testing spirits
• Bringing the client out of a trance correctly
    o Disconnection
    o Post hypnotic suggestion

• Questions and answers
• Demo sessions
• Practice sessions

Payment Schedule

If you registered with a $500 partial deposit, you will need to make another payment of $500 before SEPT 30th 2023 to complete a $1000 deposit.
Anyone that made a partial payment must pay the balance before March 31st 2023

Refund Policy
A student who withdraws from the course 90 days prior to the course start date, will be refunded any monies paid less 50% of the deposit.
If a student withdraws 90 to 30 days prior to the course start date, they will be refunded any monies minus their deposit.
If a student withdraws 30 days or later prior to the course start date, no monies will be refunded but can use up to $1650 towards a future online course.


Event Properties

Event Date 04-05-2024 4:30 pm
Event End Date 04-11-2024 5:00 pm
Individual Price $2,785.00
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